As Member of FMC SPORTSMANS CLUB, I hereby request storage on the club’s camping trailer storage area and do hereby accept full responsibility for my property stored on this lot.  I agree to hold the club and its Board of Directors blameless in the event of damage to my property stored on the club’s lot.  I further agree to the terms and conditions described below.




1.  I will send proof of insurance by mail to the camping committee chairmen along with dues determined by the Board of Directors no later than May 1st of each year that my camping trailer is in storage.


2.  I will give FMC Sportsman’s Club permission to move my trailer in writing, email or in person.


3.  I will keep my camping trailer in good shape and ensure that it is road worthy.


4.  I acknowledge that this camper storage lot is to be used for storage purposes only. (Not a campsite)


5.  I understand that my camping trailer can be covered through the off season (September – April) only.


6.  I will give the club caretaker at least (2 to 3) days notice if needing assistance to move my trailer on or off the storage lot.


7.  I agree to park my trailer in my assigned storage spot which will be assigned to me by the Camping Committee and/or the Board of Directors.




I ___________________________ agree to the terms and conditions stated above by

 placing my signature below.