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Welcome to the 2022 Camping Season

Another season is upon us. Sharing laughs and having a great time with friends and family are all part of the camping experience. Life doesn't get much better! Come join us, and have a blast.

All Long Term Campers - We have firewood for sale to our Campers. $25 for a full Backhoe Bucket. We will bring it to your Camper - you stack.... Contact us now to ensure you get seasoned wood.

We also have gravel for sale to our campers. $25 per Bucket.

Please review the Camping Rules regarding use of the Sewer.

Attention = If you sent an email and did not get a reply, we did not get your email. Please ensure you have the correct email.... I will reply to all emails... Thanks

All Campers  You are required to install a backflow prevention device (vacuum breaker) and a water pressure regulator on each water supply to each campsite (all water valves) per the Health Dept and the Camping Committee. You will not be allowed to connect water to your camper without the devices.

Please do not waste water! Excessive water use will increase your fees! We have found showers left on in the Campground Bath House - Please help us keep the camping fees to a minimum. Report issues to the Caretaker, any Committee Member or Board Member.

All Camping Sites (exception - Tent Sites) have acquired Sewer during the 2015 season. Guidelines have been created for the Campground Sewer Usage. Please refer to Camping Rules.  

Once again we will be conducting an assessment on all campsites (this spring). Review of Patio's, wheel pads, water supplies, electric, sewer and condition of Camper. We will have an open house in May or early June to review the assessment with all long term campers and to listen to suggestions you may have to improve the campground and your site.

All camping fees, camper storage fees and temporary camping fees will be paid online:
Please use the links located on the main page.

Please communicate this info to others whom may not have access to this website.

Attention All Campers - If you would like to be part of the Camping Committee, please contact a Camping Committee Chairperson today. We have many projects to complete this year.

All Members = Join one of our work parties, each and every weekend throughout the year. All help is needed and appreciated.



Camp Grounds

Camper Row

Camping Committee Chairperson =  Larry Becher

Camping Committee Chairpeople  = Larry Becher  - Preferred contact method email [email protected].

Larry Becher = Cell - 304-539-4119
(please call after 5pm on weekdays)

Camping Waiting List is not updated automatically. Requests are kept in the order they were submitted and the list is updated twice a year around August and May.

CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY-Click HERE to be placed on the Long Term Camping waiting list.

If your Membership Fees were late - you will be removed from the waiting list.

CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY-Click HERE to be placed on the Long Term Camping Site Trade/Swap list.

Click here to view the Current Wait List for Long Term Campsites

Temporary Camping  (contact Larry Becher)
Members - The club will have temporary sites available all year long. We will have 5 temp sites with water, electric, sewer and firewood at $20.00 per night. Special rates for weekly and monthly stays on sites C1, C2 and C3.  We also have 4 tent sites with electric, and firewood available for purchase. ($8.00 per night). All sites have a fire pit. You can camp one night, two nights, two weeks or longer if available, please read Camping Rules for more information . You must be a member of record to reserve a camp site. Please contact the Camping Committee Chairperson for questions or to reserve a camp site. FYI = you may also rent the site for the day - picnic, etc.

All temporary campsites will now have to pay for firewood online. We ask that you pay $10.00 when using firewood for campfires.

Only one selection (1 to 14 days) may be made prior to May 1st.
Click HERE to reserve a Temporary Camping spot online!
All temporary campsites now have to pay for firewood. Please purchase this on the website prior to burning any wood.

Click here to view the Drawing of the Campground


Annual Camper Storage Fees:  
(Dues are to be paid or postmarked no later than May 1st of each year)

The club has a camper storage lot available. A fee of $160.00 a year. Proof of insurance will be needed and also sign a release of responsibility of our club. At this time there is a waiting list, any member interested, please contact the Camping Committee Chairperson..
Please contact the camping chairperson if you will not be renewing your camping spot or your storage space this year.
If you were late paying your Membership Fees - you were removed from the Camper Storage Waiting List

The Camper Storage Waiting List, Trailer Agreement Letter and drawing of the Storage Area. Storage Waiting List has been updated.

    Camper Storage Waiting List not available to view online. Contact Ralph Winters for list information at 304-545-4638

CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY-Click HERE to be placed on the RV/Camper Storage Waiting List.

Click here to view the Camper Storage - Trailer Agreement Letter

    Click here to view the Camper Storage Area

Annual Long Term Camping Fees - May 1st to April 30
(Dues are to be paid or postmarked no later than May 1st of each year)

Long Term Camping Fees = $350 per year.  

The Total Long Term Camping Fees are $350 .

If your Membership Fees are late and your were on the Camping Waiting List, You were removed from the Camping Waiting List.

If your Camping fees are late (after May 1st) you could possibly lose your camping spot.


Camping Rules
Click to view rules, click back button to return to web site.
It is your responsibility to review these rules.

Click here to view the Camping Rules


Wheel Pad and Patio Dimensions
The Long Term Camper is responsible for all Wheel Pads/Patios. (refer to pad dimensions). Any and all changes or upgrades to campsites must be approved by the Camping Committee - refer to Camping Rules.

Click here to view the pad dimensions


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