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Members - Welcome to the Club News Page. (the following information is important, please read the entire page)

**Click here for the 2024 Newsletter**
**Click here for the 2024 Membership Rules**

Improvements will continue to be made to our Club.  The pool and pool equipment will be updated to improve reliability, safety, and cleanliness. The Playground area will be improved to provide increased enjoyment for our membership.

By renewing your membership, you agree to the following:

Understand that there are certain risks and dangers in general, as well as in adventure or usage of this property and its facilities, and hereby release and discharge the FMC Sportsman’s Club from any responsibility or liability for any claims and damages.

RETIREES:  In order to qualify for retiree membership, you must meet all of the following requirements as per our by-laws:
    Retired from work
    Reached the age of 62 years
    Have had 15 years of continuous membership in our Club.

**It is up to the member to request retiree status in writing to the board of directors. If there is a change of information, such as address, phone number, etc. the member must notify the membership chairman or a board member of the new information.**

All Members - Please update your Membership Address if you have moved, etc. Link is on the main page.

New Membership sign up for waiting list is located on the Home page.

Membership Includes = Pool, Lakes, Rifle Range, Archery Range, Skeet Range, Basketball/Tennis Courts, Trails (4 Wheeler & Walking), Playground, and Hunting areas.  Camping, Temporary Camping and Shelter Rentals are also available to all Members at an additional fee.

  The Board thanks Committee Members, our Caretaker, and Volunteers for their continued service to our club and recognize that their efforts are instrumental to keeping our dues, etc at an affordable level.

TO ALL MEMBERS: Your membership renewal fees will be paid online this year. Please see link on home page.

No fees shall be left at the Caretakers House or Mailbox!

2024 Fees: 

**Current members can now pay their annual dues from the link on the homepage**

($250 Membership Dues and $150 Assessment Fee)

Total Membership/Renewal Fee $400  
New Members Only Initiation/Processing Fee $20
Long Term Camping Fee $350  
Camper Storage Fee $200  

All other Camping Fees - Refer to Camping Page.

Fees are to be paid no later than May 1st of each year.

Please Note: If your Membership dues are late (after May 1st) you may lose your membership. Please remember - Membership is limited. If Membership is available, you must pay a $20 late fee.

If you are on the Camping Waiting List or Camper Storage Waiting List and your Membership dues are late, your name will be removed from the list..

If your Camping fees are late (after May 1st) you may possibly lose your camping spot.

Did You Know? (info about guests)
Members must accompany their guests on club property at all times. And will be responsible for their guest's conduct. Each family who has membership may have up to four people as quests or a guest family consisting of parents and children on the Club property at any one time. (Example: a guest family of five) No guest may be permitted to hunt on Club property. Guests may fish and use the gun/archery ranges only if accompanied by a member and pay appropriate fees. Guest can not bring 4-Wheelers on club property.

Club Speed Limit = 5 Mile Per Hour
Did you know the speed limit on Club roads is 5 Mile Per Hour (exception = trails). This speed limit is strictly enforced! Our Members and their guest's, especially that of our children is more important than getting to the pool, shelters, campground, lakes, etc. Speeding has been a problem in past years. Please help us keep our members and guests safe by obeying the 5 MPH speed limit. Also, please remember that when you bring guests onto the Club Property, it is your responsibility to see that they obey Club rules as members must do; including the 5 MPH Speed Limit.


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