Revised 3/20/11

FMC Sportsmans Club

1.              All members MUST register at the sign-in-booth.

2.              All members MUST register their guest and pay $5.00 (or posted fee) in an envelope with the name of the guest on the envelope at the sign-in-booth before fishing. (This change will aid in tracking the amount of members/guest that are fishing, so that in the future the stocking of the fish is adequate.)

3.              Only four (4) guests or one (1) family may accompany a member.

4.              Club members shall be held responsible for their guests and family members.

5.              Children 8 years old and younger fish at no charge.

6.              Two (2) rods or two (2) fishing poles allowed per person.

7.              No minnows or corn permitted as fishing bait.

8.              CATCH and RELEASE on ALL BASS in both fishing lakes.

9.              All fish hooked must be kept unless: (a) those caught on lures and (b) those hooked in the mouth and not bleeding.

10.         Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES alcoholic beverages allowed on Club property!

11.         Littering will not be tolerated. Use the trash barrels placed around the lakes.

12.         No fires allowed by the lakes.

13.         No fishing after dark except when night fishing is permitted. Night fishing is permitted on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays only from April 1st to October 1st.

14.         Any child ten (10) years old and under must cast and crank in their own fish, however, baiting their hook and removing their catch is allowed.

15.         Members fishing, must have a current membership card and are required to show them upon request.

16.         Dependents of the member of record are not allowed to have guest fishermen. If a member has guest fishermen the member must be on club property at the same time.

17.         Each person is to have their own stringer/container for the catch of the day.

18.         Each fisherman is allowed to catch their creel limit as posted. They are not allowed to catch fish for children or guest.

19.         No vehicles/equipment other than Club/Committee vehicles/equipment permitted around the lake.

20.         Park in assigned areas only. Do not park in Camp Sites, along road or open field.

21.         No Bullying, Harassment and/or Intimidation will be tolerated

22.         Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone violating these rules.

 Bullying, Harassment and/or intimidation occurs whenever one or more persons use power to repeatedly and consistently inflict physical, verbal or emotional abuse on one or more persons.

This type of conduct will not be tolerated!






3/per day


No minimum size




Catch and Release ONLY








No minimum size






No minimum size




4/per day


No minimum size



 Please Contact a Lakes Committee Chairperson(s) or Caretaker for more information.

Please Check the Club Website for the most up to date info.


We are all volunteers, please help us maintain our Lakes.