Revised 10/10/2013


1.            All Hunters MUST adhere to the West Virginia/DNR Hunting Rules.

2.            A WV Hunting License is required.

3.            All Hunters MUST be a member to hunt on the club property. No Guest Allowed. You must carry your Membership Card at all times while on club property.

4.            All Hunters MUST sign-in and sign-out at the Main Gate. A log book is provided and necessary to determine who is on Club property at any given time. The hunting area is divided into zones to assist and locate hunters in an emergency. Complete all sections of the log book and update log book when changing zones.

5.            Please note the location of other hunters and do your best not to disturb them as you travel to and from your stand or hunting area. No unnecessary travel during hunting hours. Absolutely No Road Hunting from any motorized vehicle.

6.            All Tree Stands, Blinds and Feeders must have owners name and set-up date on them.

7.            All Tree Stands and Blinds must be removed by January 19.

8.            Any Kill MUST be recorded in the log book at the Main Gate.

9.            No loaded weapons inside of Safety Zones.

10.        DO NOT SHOOT toward any safety zone (refer to designated hunters map includes Camping Area, Lakes, Playground, Barn, Skeet Range and Camper Storage).

11.        No deer drives allowed.

12.        Dogs are not allowed for the training or hunting of any game on club property.

13.        The Rifle Range and 3D Archery Range will be closed during Deer Rifle Season. Exception Sunday.

14.        Speed Limit on Club Property is 5 mph.

15.        No parking on grass or any area not designated as a parking area. No parking at Barn.

16.        Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC beverages allowed on FMC Club property!

17.        Anyone who appears to be using alcohol or drugs, or is NOT observing ALL rules, will be asked to leave Club property and may result in loss of Membership.

18.        Eye and ear protection is recommended while hunting on club property.

19.        Those who use safe firearm practices should not tolerate those who do not. REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY!

20.        All Hunters must follow all Club Rules Including Hunting, Rifle, Archery, Grounds and Safety Rules for Motorized Vehicles.

21.        Littering will not be tolerated.

22.        No Bullying, Harassment and/or Intimidation will be tolerated.


Bullying, Harassment and/or intimidation occurs whenever one or more persons use power to repeatedly and consistently inflict physical, verbal or emotional abuse on one or more persons.

This type of conduct will not be tolerated!

VIOLATION of any of the above rules could result in losing your FMC Club membership.


Emergency Contact = FMC Sportsmans Club Caretaker Boyd McClure 681-245-2829



The Rifle Range Committee Chairperson Dave Nance 304-542-0685

The Archery Range Committee Chairperson Dale Castilla ([email protected])

The Caretaker Boyd McClure 681-245-2829 or email the Club - [email protected]