1. Food, drinks, gum, candy and tobacco products ARE NOT PERMITTED in either pool areas. Water is permitted in plastic containers only. NO glass of any kind in pool areas.
  2. COOLERS are not allowed in pool areas. They must be left in shelter area or back behind concession stand.
  3. Guests are welcome, but MUST be accompanied and signed in by a member, be participating in a pre-approved activity (Scouts, group outing, reunion, etc.), obey all rules, and pay such fees as required.
  4. Members are responsible for the conduct of their children and guest.
  5. Parents are responsible for children in the baby pool.
  6. Ladders must be used to depart pool water. Do not climb on pool side.
  7. Talking to on duty Life Guards is permitted for business only.
  8. Parents will accept the responsibility and get permission to let anyone in the deep end that cannot swim the length of the pool.
  9. Swimming in street clothes is prohibited.
  10. Life guards have the authority to disallow rafts if the pool is crowded.
  11. Foul Language is strictly forbidden!!
  12. Running, scuffling, or horse playing is definitely forbidden. Games may be permitted with manager’s permission.
  13. Swimmers (for your own safety) should take a rest period after each hour of swimming.
  14. Pool entrance and exit is through side gate only – climbing over fence is prohibited.
  15. Clothing and other articles are not to be left in dressing rooms.
  16. No one with serious skin disorder, cut, etc. will not be allowed in the pool.
  17. No animals permitted in the pool area.
  18. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or baby sitter 16 years of age or older.
  19. No swimming in diving area.
  20. Swim diapers are required for all babies using the pool.
  21. When decisions have to be made, the pool manager will do so until matters can be ruled on by the swimming pool committee or the board of directors.






1.      Only one person at a time permitted on the diving boards.

2.      No diving from sides of boards. Straight diving only.

3.      Fancy divers (those doing gainers, cutaways, flips, etc.) will be responsible for their own safety. Two bounces on boards only.

4.      No diving from pool sides in diving area – use diving boards only.

5.      The diving area is the area of the deep end of the pool from the diving board to the ladders.

6.      Diving from pool sides is permitted only from the ladders in the deep end to the rope.