Revised 3/20/2011


1.           All members MUST sign the registration book at the Rifle Range.

2.           All members MUST register their guest and pay $5.00 (or posted fee) before shooting.

3.           All Shooters must log in the ammo count.

4.           No loaded weapons outside of shelter area. Loading is to be done at the shooters bench only.

5.           All loaded weapons are to be pointed down range at all times.

6.           Unload your weapon before proceeding down range. All shooters must raise the “Do Not Shoot” sign prior to going downrange.

7.           Do not leave any loaded weapons on the shooting bench while others are down range.

8.           All shooters should go down range and return together. All shooters must ensure no one is down range prior to lowering “Do Not Shoot” sign.

9.           All shooters are required to show membership card upon request of any other member.

10.       All shooters are required to ensure the safety of those on the range as well as any on lookers.

11.       Only Ball Ammunition is to be used at the Metal Pistol Target.

12.       Absolutely NO Shotguns

13.       Absolutely NO BB Guns or Pellet Guns will be shot at Pistol Target.

14.       Absolutely NO shooting at makeshift targets such as glass or metal.

15.       Absolutely NO shooting after dark.

16.       Absolutely NO shooting before 9:00am on Sunday morning.

17.       Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC beverages allowed on FMC Club property!

18.       Anyone who appears to be using alcohol or drugs, or is NOT observing ALL rules, will be asked to leave Club property and may result in loss of Membership.

19.       Shooting is only permitted in the targeted space provided to place your target sheets at each permanent target area.

20.       Absolutely NO shooting into the woods or into bench and shelter areas.

21.       Eye and ear protection is required while using the range.

22.       Those who use safe firearm and range practices should not tolerate those who do not. REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY!

23.       All shooters will police their own brass and remove the used targets when finished shooting.

24.       Littering will not be tolerated.

25.       No Bullying, Harassment and/or Intimidation will be tolerated.


Bullying, Harassment and/or intimidation occurs whenever one or more persons use power to repeatedly and consistently inflict physical, verbal or emotional abuse on one or more persons.

This type of conduct will not be tolerated!



VIOLATION of any of the above rules could result in losing your FMC Club membership.



The Rifle Range Committee Chairperson(s) or Caretaker: