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2024 Skeet Range -

The FMC Sportsman's Club Skeet range is for our club members only (no guests).

To gain acces to the range.
Contact: Jason Shafer (304)539-2329

The Gate is normally closed and locked to control access from non-club members and to make it safer. Our goal is for everyone to have fun and be safe. The security lock combination for the Skeet Range gate will be printed on your membership card. (USE OUR RANGES AND BE SAFE) Please keep the gate closed.

All Members (No Guest Allowed on the Skeet Ranges):

Skeet Ranges #1 and #2 are CLOSED
Skeet Range #3 and #4 are currently available for clay target shooting only.
  You will be responsible for supplying your own target throwers and clay targets. The club has installed throwers in the high and low houses on Range #4. Throwers may only be operated by board approved Trappers. See List below:

Rod Brown 304-421-2506
Gary Lacy 304-541-3796
Tim Stone 304-757-8839
Dale Hastings 304-421-2731
Larry Becher 304-539-4119
Greg Coleman 304-539-9091
Jason Shaffer 304-539-2329
Kevin Gillispie 304-389-5977

  The High House and Low House on both ranges are OFF LIMITS to club members at this time. Portable target throwers must be used when approved trappers are not present.  Please sign in at the Skeet Range Club House before using the range.

The cost of using club targets will be 10 cents each or $2.50 per round or you may bring your own.

  Please read the Skeet Range Rules posted on this website for your safety and for the safety of those around you.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Deer Season  
The Archery, Rifle and Skeet Ranges will be closed during the rifle deer season (Exception - Sunday). To ensure the safety of all hunters the Rifle and Skeet Range gates will be locked and access not granted during this time period. Please park in the main parking lot.

Skeet Range Rules

Click here to view the Skeet Range Rules in the 2024 Combined FMC Rules
**click back button to return to web site** .

**No Driving of vehicles on the Skeet Range at any time**

Skeet Range Committee Chairperson
Contact = Jason Shaffer - Phone: 304-539-2329
Email [email protected] 

**Anyone willing to serve on the Skeet Range Committee, please contact Rod or Jason.**



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