Revised 3-20-11


Motorcycles, 4-Wheelers, Go Carts, Golf Carts, etc.


1.       Riders will obey all state and local regulations pertaining to motorized vehicle.

2.       Obey the 5 MPH speed limit. (exception = designated trails)

3.       Only drive in designated areas. Please keep vehicle off the grass, ride them on the roads and fire trails only. (If not sure, check with the Caretaker, Board Member or any Committee Member)

4.       Always operate vehicle in a safe manner, no reckless driving.

5.       Any person under the age of 18 operating or riding on vehicle must wear helmet and eye protection. Any person(s) 18 or over operating or riding on vehicle must wear eye protection.

6.       Spinning gravel on roadways and parking lots is prohibited.

7.       Vehicles are to yield right of way to both pedestrians and auto traffic.

8.       Members are responsible for guest(s).

9.       Quiet time � Weekdays = No excessive noise between the hours of 10pm and 9am. Exception- authorized activities.

10.  Quiet time � Weekends and Holidays = No excessive noise between the hours of Midnight and 9am. Exception- authorized activities.

11.  Guest of a Member, are not permitted to bring their own 4- wheeler, or motorcycle on club property. (However they may ride the vehicle belonging to the Member.)

12.  Go carts are not permitted on the parking lots. (They are so low that they may be hit by someone backing out from a parking spot)

13.  No Bullying, Harassment and/or Intimidation will be tolerated

14.  Refer to Ground Rules for additional info.



Bullying, Harassment and/or intimidation occurs whenever one or more persons use power to repeatedly and consistently inflict physical, verbal or emotional abuse on one or more persons.

This type of conduct will not be tolerated!



Please Contact any Committee Chairperson(s) for more information.

Please Check the Club Website for the most up to date info.


We are all volunteers, please help us maintain our Club.